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We offer charter flights to almost anywhere from Rovaniemi and Lulea. We also carry out northern lights flights, the departure point of which is Rovaniemi or the northern polar cap airports. For short flights we use the legendary Beechcraft King Air 200 pressurized 9-passenger turboprop plane, and for larger transports we use Phenom 300 or Cessna Citation Cj2 private planes.


Aurora flights
This experience is totally a once in a lifetime! !

We plan each Aurora flight route according to the northern lights forecasts, and with a pressurized Beechcraft King Air 200 plane, we go up to a height of 9 km if necessary, so that the weather conditions do not affect the sight of the excitingly blazing northern lights. We carry out flights all the way to the Arctic Ocean to increase the probability of seeing the northern lights. To ensure safety, our planes always have two pilots.

Below is an example of a flight departing from Rovaniemi. We offer northern lights flights from other destinations too!

Aurora flight from Rovaniemi 3 250 € / 1 - 8 persons / duration 3 hours.
Includes the Northern Lights presentation and flight time approx. 55 min.

Transfers: Optional 399 €.


Charter flight
Fly almost anywhere with us!

Did you know that you can fly almost anywhere with us? We offer charter flights from Rovaniemi and Lulea. On request we also fly from other points.
Below are some examples of our flights:

Rovaniemi (Finland) - Tromsø (Norway)) 484Nm / 6 400 € / 1 - 8 persons.
Rovaniemi (Finland) - Kiruna (Sweden) 296Nm / 3 900 € / 1 - 8 persons.
Rovaniemi (Finland) - Ivalo (Finland) 256Nm / 3 400 € / 1 - 8 persons